Make Your Voice Heard on Capitol Hill

AAHOA has long believed the value of building strong relationships and promoting political and civic engagement among its member ranks. Every month the association invites a select group of members to Washington, D.C., to meet and speak with congressional leaders about specific issues and concerns affecting the hotel and hospitality industry. To maintain that momentum, AAHOA will host the 2017 Fall National Advocacy Conference Oct. 24-25 at the Willard InterContinental Hotel in Washington—an expanded opportunity to meet with elected officials and participate in the public policy process. AAHOA members have intimate knowledge about the issues facing the hospitality industry; those eyes and ears on the ground give the association the support it needs to most effectively represent the industry on Capitol Hill. These meetings are a critical part of AAHOA’s mission to attain legislative successes on behalf of hoteliers nationwide. But this requires member involvement, because nothing is more effective in urging legislators to support an organization’s priorities than informed constituents. Stand with AAHOA by registering for this event today.


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